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Cargo Camera Bag Large

cargo camera bag large

cargo camera bag large - Built E-CLL-BLK

Built E-CLL-BLK Cargo 17 Inch Laptop Sleeve (Black)

Built  E-CLL-BLK Cargo 17 Inch Laptop Sleeve (Black)

The Built NY Cargo 17" Laptop Sleeve in Black is perfect for the person on the go. This neoprene laptop sleeve holds one laptop with a 12" screen and has three different size "pocket sleeves" on the outside for a mouse, PDA, driver or anything else you need to carry with you. Made from heavy duty neoprene, this case is machine washable and easy to take care of. This sleeve eliminates the need for a bulkier bag so you can travel lighter but with what you need. Also see the Built NY charger bag as a great add-on for the person with more gear. Available in black, brown and olive green. Built to move with you, not slow you down!

75% (12)

Her Finest Hour - as a troopship

Her Finest Hour - as a troopship

# Canberra docked in Southampton

Her Finest Hour

On Friday 2nd April 1982, Canberra was happily steaming homeward through the Mediterranean Sea on the final leg of her world cruise, when she received a strange message from Head Office asking for the ship's ETA at Gibraltar.

A later message instructed Canberra to rendezvous with a small launch as she passed through the Strait - to embark a small group of men who would brief them about an "interesting assignment".

The day before - seven thousand miles away - as Canberra's passengers enjoyed the sunshine of Naples, an Argentine invasion force seized control of the Falkland Islands.

The British government assembled a task force consisting of warships, fleet auxiliaries and 'ships taken up from trade' (STUFT).

Canberra was to be a STUFT.

Those men who had boarded the ship at Gibraltar were commandos and Admiralty officials who would begin making preparations for her transformation to a troop ship capable of operating with at least two helicopters.

Before she was even back in Southampton, Vosper Thornycroft had been given detailed plans of the Observation Deck and Crow's Nest, and of the Bonito pool and surrounding area.

These two locations would have to be rapidly transformed into helicopter decks.

She arrived back in Southampton at 0730 on 7th April and offloaded her passengers as quickly as possible.

Then the hard work really began. Military officials from Naval Party (NP) 1710 boarded and took up headquarters in Steiners.

Workers from Vosper Thornycroft swarmed over the ship.

Parts of the railings along sections of the Games Deck were cut away to facilitate the landing of helicopters, whilst hundreds of tons of stores and military materiel were loaded.

As Canberra's immediate future role was an open book and it was not known when or where she would be able to bunker and re-supply - she had to have the ability to replenish at sea, or 'RAS'.

Embarked on Canberra were members of 40 and 42 Commando Royal Marines and 3 Para. Captain Dennis Scott-Masson was in charge of Canberra and the ship's overall safety.

Captain Chris Burne was the Senior Naval Officer (SNO) and had overall military control.

After just 3 days alongside in Southampton, Canberra had been transformed from a luxury cruise ship to a battle-ready troopship - well almost.

When she sailed at 2000hrs on Friday 9th April, a group of Vosper Thornycroft workers went with her to finish the forward flight deck.

Crowds gathered to wish her well and her 'passengers' good luck.

History was made shortly before lunch the following day, when an RAF Sea King helicopter made the first of many landings on the midships flight deck.

As the ship sailed south, evasive manoeuvres and other things military were practised.

On 17th April, she arrived at Freetown in Sierra Leone for bunkering and fresh water supplies.

Other things the British Consul and the P&O representative had to arrange was the delivery of 50 irons and ironing boards and 10,000 paper bags for packed lunches.

Shortly before midnight, the ship sailed again - headed this time for Ascension Island.

At noon on 20th April, Canberra anchored half a mile from Pyramid Point at Ascension Island. From there, those on board were unable to see the airfield and the frantic activity underway there.

It was still unknown whether Canberra would actually deliver her troops to the Falklands, but things were not shaping up well and a political settlement seemed a long way off.

For the next few days, Canberra lay at anchor taking on stores, performing RAS drills and anti-submarine manoeuvres.

Fresh water was in very short supply amongst the fleet so Canberra's purifiers were employed to produce fresh water that was then delivered to other ships by tug.

It was decided that the ships at Ascension were under possible threat from underwater attack, and so from 25th April Canberra would weigh anchor each evening and steam around overnight to minimise the threat.

At 1654hrs on 6th May, Canberra weighed anchor again headed south from Ascension Island in convoy.

Three days later she was seven hundred miles away and steaming straight for the Falklands, which were now under air and sea attack from British forces.

Each evening, the order was given to "darken ship" whereby all the lights - navigation, deck and cabin - were extinguished throughout the convoy.

Operation Sutton was the codename for the amphibious assault to reclaim the Falklands.

At 2200hrs on the 20th May everyone on board went to General Emergency stations for the final approach to the Islands.

Canberra anchored at Fanning Head at 0017hrs on Friday 21st May.

Whilst HMS Antrim and HMS Plymouth laid down heavy bombardment of the shoreline, HMS Fearless and HMS Intrepid along with RFA Stromness and MV Norland disembark troops of 40 Commando, 3 Para, 45 Commando and 2 Para.

At 0520 that morning, Canberra weighed anchor and entered Sa

witnessing a tranquil morning

witnessing a tranquil morning

taken at Sungai Besar, Sabak Bernam during a solo sunrise photoshooting. the morning was so cold and relaxing it made me want to "get inside" this photo as well. lol. thats my usual attire when i go out photoshooting. a t-shirt, a cargo pant and a tamrac camera bag. if u view this picture large u can see my right hand is holding the RC6. the remote cable release i usually use for all my landscape shots :)

this is a vertorama, 5 exposures DRI for bottom section and 1 exposure for top section.
vertorama | DRI | ISO 50 | ?8 | 17mm | no ND filter | no tonemapped HDR

Note: press "L" and "F11" to view this picture large on Black! be there!

cargo camera bag large

cargo camera bag large

Built NY, Inc. Cargo Camera Bag Large Camera Cases & Bags

Get inspired with still life and keep your camera safe with the Cargo Camera Bag from Built. Neoprene construction stretches to fit a range of DSLR cameras, camcorders, and accessories. Semi-firm EVA between two layers of neoprene to keep your camera or camcorder safe. Soft carry handle conforms to the natural shape of your hand for easy carrying. Removable shoulder strap can be adjusted to suit various lengths or carrying styles. Compartment unzips to reveal a colorful and roomy interior with lots of organizing options. Interior features six built-in pockets and removable hook-and-loop dividers so you can store your camera, cables, and any other gadgets neatly organized. Hand wash, air dry. Dimensions: 12.0 wide x 5.5 deep x 10.0 high. Strap drop length: 24.5. Handle drop length: 1.5. Weight: 1.4 lbs.

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