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Canon G11 Camera Price

canon g11 camera price

canon g11 camera price - Canon TC-DC58D

Canon TC-DC58D Tele Converter Lens for Canon G10 and G11 Digital Camera (requires LA-DC58K Lens Adapter)

Canon TC-DC58D Tele Converter Lens for Canon G10 and G11 Digital Camera (requires LA-DC58K Lens Adapter)

The Canon Tele Converter TC-DC58D converts the focal distance of the body lens by a facter of approximently 1.4x when attached. It is designed specifically for the G10, and requires the Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC58K (sold Separately).

Take a closer look at your subject with the Canon TC-DC58D telephoto converter lens. Made specifically for the Canon G10 digital camera, the unit converts the focal distance of your lens by a factor of 1.4x when attached to the camera, making it ideal for wildlife photography and other long-distance applications. The unit--which requires the LA-DC58K conversion lens adapter--carries a one-year warranty.

86% (10)

On the hunt! ;-)

On the hunt! ;-)

Well, I finally got my "new" camera. This is one of the first shots taken with it. I am happy with it as far as it being a small, Point and Shoot, type camera. Can you guess which model I got? No, it was not the G11 - to be honest with you I was totally displeased with the Canon G11. It felt cheap and when I looked through the view finder it was no different than looking through a plastic Kodak disposable. No BS! I'm serious. I truly felt like I was holding a disposable plastic camera! :( At 600 dollars I was not happy with it at all!!!

So...I next went to the SX20 and 10 IS and I IS but, they were just too big and the expanding lenses again were clumsy, weak and reminded me of my old Canon S2 and S3 IS - both of which suffered catastrophic lens failures due to the ruggedness of the use I put them through.

I went to numerous camera shops, a Circuit City, Best Buy and an Office Depot touching and feeling every camera I could get my hungry hands on. I was disappointed in the G11 so much I broke for lunch! :( Upon the continuation of my camera hunt I saw this little Canon sitting all alone in a corner as if it were forgotten by us consumers. I walked over and picked it up and was pleasantly surprised how it felt. It had the usual cheap Canon feel of all their point and shoots but this camera was a bit heavier, the lens when expanded wasn't as loose and above all, it fit perfectly inside my left breast coat pocket. Listed at 199 USD I adopted it and brought it back to the hotel. I was much more pleased with this 199 USD Canon SX120IS than that crazy priced 599 USD G11.

I can hardly wait to get the SX120IS out of the box and go down to the Hotel's very large and extensive flower bed. Walking down to a little creek with a trickle of running water I began my hunt for something interesting, anything, to shoot. I spotted a weird looking caterpillar (soon to come) covered with bunches of tiny, white, cotton material looking things all over its body. I snapped a few pictures and moved on. I then noticed some aunts but they were hard to get a good macro of and were in the shade so I didn't even bother with them. I knelt down and turned over some small rocks in the stream bed hopefully to uncover a tiny crawfish, turtle or weird looking water spider - NOTHING! :(

I was about to give up on this spot and walk away when all of a sudden I looked up and saw this bright green branch that seemed out of place - upon further inspection this branch turned out to be a snake! YEAY!!!!!!!! I love snakes and this one was very cooperative. It wasn't deadly as well so that meant I didn't have to worry about being bitten.

As I sneak up to the legless creature it remains calm as if it thinks it is relying on camouflage to remain unseen! LOL!!! Brown twigs and green snake really isn't that hard to spot. Just as I sit down and focus my first shot it starts to move - I parallel it's movement leading the snake a bit and snapped this shot. I then picked it up and got a few more shots I'll upload later.

For what I need this SX120IS for I am more than pleased with it. I can sure feel the difference, though, after shooting a DSLR for a few years. I really can't wait to upgrade to a semi-professional DSLR of which a model I have yet to choose once I get settled in overseas.

Have a good day all!

My new cameras, Dec 2009

My new cameras, Dec 2009

Exeter Mogs says:
Sold my Canon 40D and lenses as they were simply tooooo heavy - seriously good gear but their weight was a problem when trogging off on multiple European holidays. So got the GF1 - have yet to see how good it is( or isn't). But its meant to be pretty good.

Backup camera was a G9 but that got bent!! so replaced it with a Canon S90 from which I got some absolute rubbish photos so took it back to the shop(Jessops) and upgraded to the G11. This has got to be the P&S camera to die for - its an aweful lot better than the G9 - no noise visible at ISO80 for a start. Found shot jpeg quality to be very close to that of RAW files converted to jpeg. Never thought I'd ever say that, being a long time SLR RAW enthusiast.

Real emergency camera is a 5 megapixel Panasonic DMC-FX8 - piccys were better than the Canon S90! Use it mainly for Ebay photos.

So, if you seriously want an S90, be careful as there are a few rogue ones out there.

Dec 28:- How good is the GF1? Well, its not quite in the same league as a Canon 40D with an f2.8 lens but having stated the obvious I reckon it produces some very acceptable images and for a third of the weight.

February 9:- Found the kit lens to be good for photos of aircraft in flight, with good sharpness. Thought photos might be a bit soft at 45mm but not so. Am becoming more impressed by the minute. Pity about the lack of viewer - shots of flying aircraft tend to be a bit hit and miss in strong sunlight - literally point and shoot albeit blind!!! Done good up till now tho'.

As of today, have the 45-200mm lens. So far, looks good. Got to get used to blind shooting!! As Biggles would have said, "Tally Ho chaps, bandits at 5 o'clock.

3rd April:- Yes the 45-200 lens is pretty good even at 200mm. Well worth getting.

19th April:- No, had enough! Sold the GF1 body - decided overall quality was simply not there ie noise at ISO100, noise in shadow area. New Panasonic G2/G10 cameras look as if they use the same CCD so there is no benefit in going for them. GH1 looks good but price is prohibitive. Also not much difference in size between G1/G2/G10 and conventional DSLR's. Need to give 4/3s system 3-4 years.

canon g11 camera price

canon g11 camera price

Canon BCI-11 Black Ink Cartridge (3 Tanks)

Canon is a world leader in printing technology. Numerous technical innovations from Canon offer true, professional-quality printing results on a wide variety of specialty photo papers and on plain paper, too. High-intensity inks ensure rich, high-contrast images with vivid colors and razor-sharp black text, so you'll enjoy better looking documents, web pages, and photos. Canon's desktop, mobile, multifunction, and photo printers are designed to deliver high-quality text and photo-realistic prints at fast speeds without compromising clarity and fidelity. For your Canon printer, always choose genuine Canon inks coupled with Canon Photo Papers to ensure long-lasting satisfaction.

The Canon BCI-11 is a black ink tank to be used with the Canon BC-11e Color BJ cartridge. The cartridge is compatible with Canon Bubble Jet printer models BJC-50, BJC-70, and with Canon Portable Bubble Jet printer BJC-80. The package contains three tanks.

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