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Newly acquired Nikkormat FTn w/ Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 macro mounted.

I had been looking for a classic silver-and-black Nikon as a collector's item for quite some time, and one finally popped up on Kijiji. I'll have some more pics to come. It was actually thirdhand from a Canadian military photographer who used it in the late '70's/early 80's and seemed to keep things in tip top shape. It's all remarkably clean, and based on some of the lens choices, it was clearly purchased by someone who knew what they were doing. He's got a stainless steel case with foam cutouts for the Marexar and Rexatar, and a very cool, Mad Men-style leather-ish case that fits everything else like a glove, including a fitted insert for the body.

I was really only looking for the camera itself, but jumped on the bundle since it seemed like a good value, expecting to get at least two or three usable lenses — the seller originally suggested it was seven Nikkor lenses, then identified two as non-Nikkor, then when I met him I realized he had mistook the stacked filters and an extension tube as lenses. So, there were five lenses, but to my dismay, particularly because I REALLY want a macro and I assumed most late 70's stuff would be AI, it looks like pretty much none of it will mount safely on my D90. There's an 80-200, which I thought would be the gem of the bunch, but when I started comparing pictures online, I can't figure out what the hell it is other than some brand of 80-200. Other than a Nikon rear end cap, I can't find any Nikkor markings, or any recognizable brand for that matter. I'll post pics later, I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out there.

• Nikkormat FTn

• Marexar 28mm f/2.8 — does seem to be AI-compatible (second aperture ring), however, I'm not sure if there's any value in using this whatsoever when I have a modern, faster Nikkor 35mm, the one that took this shot...
• Rexatar Auto 300mm f/4 — non-AI? Huge compared to all my DX lenses.
• Nikkor-P Auto 105mm f/2.5 w/HS4 lens hood 449573 — Not AI (P designation). I didn't realize they actually made the 105 long enough ago that it would be non-AI.
• Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/3.5 889793 w/ Nikon 27.5mm PK-3 extension tube — Not AI, not usable? Terrible annoying to research as there's so many variations, but it doesn't have the aperture ring and this seems to be the K-mount or last model year of the non-AI version.
• ???? 80-200mm MC f/4 8051624 — Originally thought/assumed this was Nikkor, but that does not seem to be the case. Front of lens says something like IMAGE MC blah blah...presume MC just means multi-coated. Stamped in lens mount is "N/AI"...I'm presuming this means Nikon mount/AI compatible, but I'm hesitant to use it without knowing what the heck it is.

• MARK-TIME timer — With originally slightly smelly cardboard box with price tag (a mere $19.95) and stamping from an Ontario photo supply store
• Original Nikkormat instruction manual
• Kodak Master Photoguide
• Vivitar Model 283 Electronic Flash

Samsung Announces 28mm Wide Angle 5x Optical Zoom Digital Compact

Samsung Announces 28mm Wide Angle 5x Optical Zoom Digital Compact

February 17, 2009 - Samsung, leaders in innovation and digital imaging, today announced the release of the 5x optical zoom, 28mm Wide Angle IT100; a compact camera which combines innovative technology and user-friendly features to deliver optimum image quality in a streamlined, stylish package.

HD Movie Experience
The 12 megapixel IT100 includes HD movie capture so you can ‘Pause and Re-record’ high definition videos and super sharp movie-quality recordings in one movie clip - a Samsung patented function.

Smart Auto (Scene Recognition)
The IT100 features a 3.0” (230K) TFT LCD screen and Samsung's new "Smart Auto” (Scene Recognition) technology which has 11 optimized picture pre-settings such as Portrait, Night portrait, Macro, Macro Colour - helping people take the perfect shot regardless of the conditions. You can also use these settings when sorting through your photos - making it quick and easy to find all the portraits, outdoor or macro shots you've taken.

Smart Album
The IT100 includes Samsung’s unique “Smart Album” Digital Contents Management system; a program built into the camera that significantly reduces the time it takes to find your favourite photos – so it’s quicker and easier to store and manage your photo collection. The clever navigation program automatically organizes photos based on the date they were taken, their contents, colour, or themes – so you’ll never have an excuse for losing a photo again.

Face Detection
Samsung’s Perfect Portrait System is also included in the IT100; “Face Detection” locates the subject’s face within the frame and automatically adjusts focus and exposure to ensure better composition and image quality for portraits; in “Blink Detection Mode” the camera takes a series of shots when closed eyes are detected so friends and family are always captured with their eyes open; in “Smile Mode” a picture is automatically taken when smiles are detected and, in "Beauty Shot" mode, facial skin is retouched for a brighter and smoother skin tone. Samsung’s Self Portrait is also included within the IT100 – a beep sounds when faces are positioned centrally so you don’t have to be behind the camera to take the perfect shot.

Samsung’s Dual Image Stabilization technology combines Digital and Optical image stabilisation to ensure outstanding photos without blur – even in low light conditions. Couple this with a highly sensitive ISO 3200 that offers a faster response to light, you can capture great low light shots without needing any flash.

Frame Guide
The IT100 features Samsung’s new Frame guide feature so you no longer need rely on the technological capabilities of strangers for perfect holiday snaps. When you use the setting, the camera takes a ghost picture of your desired shot and displays a template when you pass the camera over to someone else - ensuring they take the picture you want them to take.

The IT100 is available in a range of colours including silver, black, and red and will retail at ?229 (TBC) from leading high street and online retailers from April 2009.

online used camera store

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