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Olympus Camera Card Error : Reversing Camera Nz : Best Compact Digital Camera For Low Light.

Olympus Camera Card Error

olympus camera card error

olympus camera card error - Extended Life

Extended Life Replacement Battery Pack For The Olympus LI-42B 1000MAH! For The Olympus Stylus 7010 7040 5010 7030 FE-4030 FE-5020 FE-4000 FE-4010 720 sw Stylus sw 725 Stylus 770 Stylus 790 SW Stylus 850 sw Stylus 1050 SW tough 3000 X-560WP Digital Camera + 8GB High Speed Error Free Memory Card + 110/220V 1 Hour Home & Car Charger + SSE Cleaning Cloth

Extended Life Replacement Battery Pack For The Olympus LI-42B 1000MAH! For The Olympus Stylus 7010 7040 5010 7030 FE-4030 FE-5020 FE-4000 FE-4010 720 sw Stylus sw 725 Stylus 770 Stylus 790 SW Stylus 850 sw Stylus 1050 SW tough 3000 X-560WP Digital Camera + 8GB High Speed Error Free Memory Card + 110/220V 1 Hour Home & Car Charger + SSE Cleaning Cloth

Extended Life Replacement Battery Pack For The Olympus LI-42B

New Extended Life Replacement Battery Pack For The Olympus LI-42B. Works wonderfully for Olympus Digital Cameras.

100% compatible with original manufacturer equipments and batteries

Olympus Camedia D-630 Zoom, D630 Zoom Olympus Slim FE-150, FE150 Olympus Slim FE-160, FE160 Olympus Slim FE-190, FE190 Olympus Slim FE-20, FE20 Olympus Slim FE-220, FE220 Olympus Slim FE-230, FE230 Olympus Slim FE-240, FE240 Olympus Slim FE-250, FE250 Olympus Slim FE-280, FE280 Olympus Slim FE-290, FE290 Olympus Slim FE-300, FE300 Olympus Slim FE-320, FE320 Olympus Slim FE-330, FE330 Olympus Slim FE-340, FE340 Olympus Slim FE-350 Wide, FE350Wide Olympus Slim FE-360, FE360 Olympus FE-3000, FE3000 Olympus FE-3010, FE3010 Olympus FE-4000, FE4000 Olympus FE-4010, FE4010 Olympus FE-4030, FE4030 Olympus FE-5000, FE5000 Olympus FE-5010, FE5010 Olympus FE-5020, FE5020 Olympus FE-5500, FE5500 Olympus Tough-3000, Tough 3000 Olympus SP-700, SP700 Olympus IR-300, IR300 Olympus X-600, X600 Olympus X-730, X730 Olympus X-785, X785 Olympus X-790, X790 Olympus X-795, X795 Olympus X-800, X800 Olympus X-835, X835 Olympus X-845, X845 Olympus X-855, X855 Olympus X-875, X875 Olympus Stylus-550WP, Stylus 550WP Olympus Stylus 700 Olympus Stylus 710 Olympus Stylus 720 SW, 720SW Olympus Stylus 725 Olympus Stylus 730 Olympus Stylus 740 Olympus Stylus 750 Olympus Stylus 760 Olympus Stylus 770 SW, 770SW Olympus Stylus 780 Olympus Stylus 790 SW, 790SW Olympus Stylus 820 Olympus Stylus 830 Olympus Stylus 840 Olympus Stylus 850 SW, 850SW Olympus Stylus 1040 Olympus Stylus 1050 SW, 1050SW Olympus Stylus 1200 Olympus Stylus-5010, Stylus 5010 Olympus Stylus-7000, Stylus 7000 Olympus Stylus-7010, Stylus 7010 Olympus Stylus-7020, Stylus 7020 Olympus Stylus-7030, Stylus 7030 Olympus Stylus-7040, Stylus 7040 Olympus µ 1040 Olympus µ 1050SW Olympus µ 1060 Olympus µ 1070 Olympus µ 1200 Olympus µ 5000 Olympus µ 550WP

88% (8)

Oldtown Alexandria Waterfront V.A.: dawn

Oldtown Alexandria Waterfront V.A.: dawn

A200/Tamron 18-250 Hoya MCUV filter, ISO200 1/160s 55mm (effective?) > dcraw > Gimp with gradient blends & usm]

so I threw a contrast mask over it with a bidirectional vertical gradient in the center. Still a bit dark but better overall, so I backed off the overall contrast slightly and posted it. A lot of other defects are visible if you look close.

The main thing is that overall it was just very hard to get good contrast and colors that weren't pastel out of this shot. But I did start with a generic sRGB conversion not an ICC conversion. I wonder how much of a difference that would make.

But then I'd have to duplicate the processing, to see.

So far, now that I've had some time to do some extended shooting of the A200 here in DC (where I have so, so many other shots from so, so many other cameras) I am coming to the impression that this camera is extremely tough to get great results out of it in anything but the best light. The colors are a little-bit "off" in a fake, Panasonic DMZ-FZ5 sort of way, and it's definitely noisy and tends to shoot "warm". These issues can be corrected but it makes shooting the 5D seem to be a piece of cake. Though of course the 5D has its own issues and like all Canons the color really never quite looks right either. Where Canons are too warm and too orange, the A200 is too warm and too "pastel".

I still think that Nikon DSLRs stand head and shoulders above either one, in terms of color realism. And I'm not even getting into Panasonic or Olympus. And even Nikon DSLRs aren't perfect in terms of color. Ultimately none of them really capture the full gamut of the human eye (and let's face it: even if your display or printer can't show a particular frequency in the visible spectrum, you can't see what the camera didn't even capture and with ICC profiling there's little excuse for that) and they all have noise even at the lowest ISOs (if they don't then you can bet that the images are missing fine-detail), they all suffer from limited resolution, CA, imperfect focus, limited depth of field, diffraction, some degree of vignetting and a limited dynamic-range. I don't care if it has 13 stops of DR and 50dB of SNR at 18% gray at ISO100: those 13 stops won't be where I want them to be and the noise at 18% gray is a lot lower than the noise in the shadows, which on landscape shots can easily be 10 stops below the midtones. Add up all these IQ flaws and it's easy to see that these are pictures not photographs much less real-world scenes.

So regardless of the camera and lens, what I have learned so far are the keys to taking good pictures, *technically* are to get in close to the subject and maximize the subject fine-detail, flatten the scene DR and reduce the impact of focus-errors, lens-distortions and the limited DOF. And, yes, to use ICC profiling at least to some degree. Getting great-looking landscape shots out of a digital camera on a consistent basis is a very hard thing to do. At some level, at some point, the camera & lens are going to leave their marks, leaving you to try to remove or blend them into the picture as much as possible.

Not going to touch the issue of shooting raw vs jpeg or what post-processing to do, here. Suffice to say that there are a lot of pluses and minuses to each. Sometimes there's no real advantage to shooting raw, sometimes there is but then the shot can get screwed up in the processing. Photography definitely straddles the line between skill and art. You don't have to be a great technician to take good shots, and you damm-sure can't be a great technician and consistently-produce great photographs. People like that tend to be too obsessed with the technical side of photography to just relax and take good shots and ignore the ones that are merely "technically-impressive".

...face it, guys: if you have to be a scientist to appreciate your shots, then they probably aren't very-good shots.
Just "technically-impressive".

In any case get a Spyder or something and calibrate your display and then a Color Checker card or something and profile your gear and stop producing unprofiled, uncorrected images. That's a "gimme".

The loss of my Olympus. [Info below]

The loss of my Olympus. [Info below]

Not to long ago I lost my beautiful Olympus to a tragic fall off a counter onto some clothes.

It's interesting to me that the first time the camera falls it is on clothes, and it breaks.

It will no longer open, at first it said zoom error, and now it's saying that the memory card door is open. Which it's obviously not.

I was and still am sad about it. I went out and because I don't have as much money as I did when I purchased the Olympus, I now own a Canon PowerShot SX110 IS.

It's beautiful and takes very nice pictures. I upped from 7.1 MP to 9.0 but lost my 18X Optical Zoom. This one is 10X, which is fine though I did use the 18X frequently.

I suppose I shall get used to this one. As for right now I've been running around to the local parks and taking millions of pictures with it. After all, it is new and exciting. :o)

olympus camera card error

olympus camera card error

Olympus FE-46 12MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD (Pearl Black)

Family Friendly and Full of Features. Dont let its affordability fool you: the FE-46 is loaded with features and functions that make taking pictures as creative as it is fun. A 5x optical zoom and AF Tracking merely head up the list of exciting advances on this full-featured camera.

The camera automatically tracks the movements of energetic photo targets like kids and pets and continuously adjusts the focus and brightness to capture them sharply, with ease.

The dynamic zoom capability on the FE-46 gets you closer to the action without walking closer to your subject. And all in a sleek, easy-to-use camera.

Intelligent Auto + Shadow Adjustment combine to get the job done, which is to identify an intended scene (Portrait, Landscape, Night + Portrait, Macro, Sport) and automatically adjusts the cameras settings to achieve the best results.

Add a little extra dimension of drama or enchantment by applying a filter effect, such as Pop Art, Pinhole or Wedding.

The camera automatically adjusts focus and exposure for those fun family and friend portraits. Up to 16 faces can be tracked and captured sharply by the camera. That way, all your friends and family members come out looking great.

With high ISO and faster shutter speeds you can capture sharp, blur-free images even when your subjects are on the move.

Movie with sound lets you capture live action that can then be shared on the big screen or uploaded directly to YouTube.

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